Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Doah on Mom's Cooking

My cooking is well known -- for how bad it is. In fact, the topic figured prominently in Doah's book, Mommy Poisoned Our House Guest.

My mother gave up on teaching me to cook years ago, saying that it was too expensive because I ruined so much of what I touched. My kids quickly learned that it was better to have Donnie do the cooking, and I could almost always get them to do whatever I asked by threatening to cook.

There is, however, one thing I can cook well: ham. So, for this new year's New Year dinner, I made a ham. Now, we usually go out to dinner on special occasions since it really is only Donnie, Doah, and I. However, this year, it was rainy and cold and seemed perfect for a ham dinner and fire in the fireplace. Doah was not so certain, however. Right after that, he ran hollering to Donnie, "Come quick! Mom's cooking!" Then, begged him not to let me do it.

I captured Doah's concern right before shutting the oven door.

PS. The ham turned out excellent, by the way!


  1. And I love ham! I'm not a great cook and have always had to pull a meal together in the previous convent where I lived within a 45 minute period. However, I learned to rely on things I could get ready the night before. I decided to make myself look good and tell people I have three specialities: boneless chicken breasts, pork chops, and meatloaf! Gives me a certain sense of confidenc!

  2. My only specialty is ham. My father, who generally did not cook, had a family recipe that we all liked, and he taught me how to make it.


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