Monday, September 3, 2012

Advice for Widows

I have no idea how many widows, especially recent widows, are among the readers of this blog, but just in case there are a few I thought I would share information about a recently released book that can be of help to recently widowed women. The title is Widow: Surviving the First Year. It was written by Dr. Joanna Romer, an English professor and journalist who was widowed a couple of years ago and so has first-hand experience of that about which she writes. (Donnie, by the way, did the cover photography and design.) For those interested in the content, here is information about the topics covered in the book:

This book takes new widows on a journey from the first difficult days of widowhood through 12 months of self-discovery. Along the way, you will learn how to handle emotional challenges such as suddenly being alone; how to tackle painful tasks including cleaning out hubby's closet; and how to re-enter the world again in terms of work, personal development and socializing. Guidelines are provided for each new phase, making this book a practical self-help book you can use for re-creating your life.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fun Pix Totally Unrelated to Anything Mahlou

These pictures from the Internet are just too adorable not to share even though they have nothing to do with anything else on this blog!

(1) I told you not to drink that last beer!

(2) Darling, wake me at 3:00.

(3) When I said I had cold ears, I had no idea you would take it so seriously.

(4) When I said I wanted a little brother, I meant a dog.

(5) I'm getting too old for this!

(6) I keep on telling you I am not a duck.

(7) So this is where you live?

(8) And -- big kiss!

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