Monday, March 12, 2012

Rest in Peace, Little Angel

Since Noelle's husband Ray and cat Prince Shadow died within weeks of each other in 2010, Noelle has had a difficult time of it until she adopted two darling orange tabby kittens, male and female (which necessitated a trip to the vet so as not to have a whole family of darling tabby kittens). She called them Angel and Tiger.

Unfortunately, this morning she called to say that Angel, barely a year old, had died. Of what we don't know. I don't even have a picture of Angel, but she looks somewhat like the kitten above. Apparently, Tiger is frantic -- does not understand why his twin is not moving.

Please pray for Noelle. It is hard to go through this kind of loss again so soon. She is taking it in stride, but except for the kittens (and, of course, family -- although not close by), she is pretty much alone.

Cats, at least, for my family, are an essential part of our lives. I realized this quite deeply this weekend. I have been sick in bed -- cannot remember when I have been this sick -- for four days (aftermath of a pertussis vaccination), and my cat Murjan has not left my side!

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