Sunday, March 27, 2011

Golf Afficionado Cat

I thought I might take a light approach and share pictures of our cat, Simone, who loves to watch golf. It is the strangest thing because Donnie and I neither play nor watch golf. However, one day as a news item on a local gold tournament was playing on the television, Simone, the feral cat we trapped and tamed two years ago, stopped in her tracks as she was passing the TV and sat watched the entire ad. Now we turn on the tournaments for her, and she will watch for 20-30 minutes. She loves chasing the golf ball -- stands on her hind legs and reaches for it with her paw. Her little head goes back and forth, watching the ball ping around the golf course. For a smile, here are the pictures.


  1. Oh my gosh Elizabeth, this is too precious! I have only one cat who watches television and not anything in particular but if something is moving back and forth he will sit and stare until he gets bored. Maybe I'll try golf next weekend and see what happens. Thanks pf posting this, loved the photos and she is beautiful.

  2. Thanks, Kathie. We were thinking of videotaping her for you tube -- if we ever get around to it. In the interim, she periodically enjoys a golf game.


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