Thursday, August 26, 2010

Does Anyone Know the Pope?

I was contacted by someone who seems to think I have contacts everywhere -- I do not -- and can convince anyone -- I cannot -- to do anything -- I would not. However, in this case, the request is as simple as it is difficult.
I am writing on behalf of my 16 year old daughter, Ariana Argueta, who, a year ago, on September of 2009, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, also known as GBM. To provide you with some context about Ariana’s condition, GBM is is the most common and most aggressive type of primary brain tumor in humans and has a very poor prognosis. As a result of this diagnosis, we were put in touch with the Make A Wish Foundation in hopes that the organization could grant Ari a wish. Ari has asked to meet Pope Benedict XVI and receive an individual blessing from his Excellency.
As of today, the Foundation has graciously been able to arrange for Ariana to attend a papal mass on October 20, 2010, however, she will not be receiving a personal blessing from his Excellency, which is her wish. Ariana is so excited and grateful for this opportunity, but as you can imagine, receiving a personal blessing would mean so much to Ariana because of her strong Catholic faith and her belief that God is with her during every step of her journey and that her wellness is in God’s hands. Despite this difficult journey, Ari has never once asked “why me,” complained about her predicament or even questioned her faith. Ariana is a 16 year old Mexican American young lady who has been raised in a traditional Mexican family whose Catholic roots stem from multiple generations. She has been enrolled in Catholic schools since Kindergarten and is currently a student at Santa Catalina School.
Our bishop has not been able to help. Do any of you know anyone who can help? I do have two friends in Italy (neither in Rome, but one is not far from Rome), and I will see if either happens to know a journalist in the Rome area who would at least be willing to write a story that might capture public and Papal attention. Other ideas? Contacts of any sort?

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