Monday, August 20, 2012

All Better

For those who have been following the adventures of our cats, here is the status report:

1. Murjan (pictured above at the vet's office, waiting to get his sutures removed) is fine now. Clean surgical site with no infection. Hair will return with time. Stitches gone. Clown collar gone. Isolation past. He is almost a happy camper, except that he is now getting to know his new little sister, which is taking a little time. He is warming up to her, though, and she is starting to understand that he is the alpha cat.

2. Intrepid is fine now, too. Had I known that all we needed was a little Peptobismol mixed in with his food, I could have avoided a nearly $600 vet bill, x-rays, and a night of no sleep! He, too, is out of isolation and definitely a happy camper. He is even happy with the new kitten, Woopka.

3. Simone is fine, has been fine, but her turn is coming. Her long Himalayan hair has matted to the point that she has to go see the vet for some help with de-matting. At least, that won't be until September.

4. Little Woopka, the abandoned kitten we brought home from the vet's, has settled in and made our home her home. Just as fearless as Intrepid, she has imprinted on him and is starting to display most of his mannerisms. Good golly, did she have to imprint on the naughtiest cat?

And the cat tales go chapter in September.


  1. Oh my gosh, what adventures they have had, and you too! I am so glad they are ok now, it is so hard when animals or little ones get sick. They don't understand why they feel the way they do. bu they know they need help!


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