Thursday, June 21, 2012

Doah's Baptism, Another Picture Story

Looks like I am into picture stories lately. This one is of Doah's recent baptism, first communion, and confirmation. (Put off far too long!) It was a beautiful Mass; everyone said so -- moving to the point of tears at times. In his homily Fr. Rudy said that individuals like Doah are put into our lives to teach us how to love each other and God for in their very simplicity they know how better to fulfill the New Testament commandments than the rest of us and therefore we are to learn from them. The best way to show you the beauty of the Mass is with pictures.

Beth does first reading.
Sr. Maria does second reading.
Fr. Rudy reads the Gospel.

Fr. Rudy blesses the water.
A tearful Doah is baptized by Fr. Rudy; godfather Benito is right there.
Doah, Benito, Beth, & Donnie listen to Fr. Rudy.
With altar-server Jeanmarie's help, Fr. Rudy annoints Doah.

Doah's pal, Deputy Rich, arrives just in time!
And then it's time to say goodbye!
Thank you for joining us!


  1. I heartily agree with Father Rudy 's homily.

    Such a beautiful occasion, the pictures are telling that. The look on Doah' s face is so beautful. God bless you all

  2. Thank you, Amrita. It was a beautiful day.

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