Saturday, January 7, 2012

An Amazingly Stupid Day


Yesterday turned out to be an amazingly stupid day.  It started out not bad. I had had an overnight guest and so ended up with a leisurely morning, taking her back home and going in to work late. 
Upon arrival, I was delighted that the construction folks popped into my new office, to which I moved right before Christmas, to see if they could put up some shelves to hold "stuff" that had been on one bookcase in my old office that I had to give up in the move because my new office would not hold that many bookcases. Of course, they could! A quick task, right?
No, not so. A couple of hours later they were still working on those shelves, and I had to attend a mandatory meeting in my conference room. Just in case, I took my purse with me. 
After the meeting, I had to help out some of the attendees and forgot about the purse. Then, all kinds of problems and promises (incoming new managers) grabbed my attention, and I worked until 10 p.m. 
As I got ready to go home, I realized I did not have my purse and could not get into the conference room. Everyone had departed, including the security folks with the master key. I called my operations folks, but, it being Friday night, they were probably out partying. At any rate, they did not answer. 
I thought I might have to spend the night there, but when I gave up and went into the parking lot to drive home (thank goodness, I did have my car keys, just not my license, money, and the like), I saw two police who monitor our building talking to each other at the far corner of the lot. I grabbed them and found out that yes, the police did have a master key! Voila! Problem solved.
Purse retrieved, home I came. I arrived just in time to catch the 11:30 Jay Leno show. It was good to laugh at someone other than myself for a change.
 (These are the events that one just accepts as a part of the very strange life we live on this earth!)

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