Monday, December 5, 2011

God's Trust and My Children/Grandchildren

Recently in our prayer group, one of our members talked about some difficult times she and her family were facing, and she called it a "test" from God. We moved from there to similar kinds of issues in other members' families and then on to a discussion about my children, especially the three (two of my own and one who came and lived with us) who must deal with one or more birth defects (Noelle, Doah, Shura), along with my grandchildren who have also been affected by these family "gifts" (Nathaniel having been born with hydronephrosis and Nikolina with that, too, as well as OEIS Complex). It surprised me to learn that these people of God looked at my children and my family situation so differently from the way I look at it.

First, my children are not burdens. They are blessings.

Second, life with these children is not difficult although it is challenging. It is a constant opportunity to learn and to grow, including learning how to lean on God and others God sends, which, I believe, is something that God wants us to do.

Most important, in no way do I think that God is testing me or my family. Rather, I feel favored that God would trust me (of all people) with something so special. Likewise, I don't believe that my friends are experiencing a test from God. I believe that they are experiencing God's trusting them not only to cope with the difficult situations that they face but also to learn from them and to grow in faith (and yes, trust).

May God continue to bless all of us in this extraordinary way, and may we learn and grow and live up to His trust in us!


  1. Dropping by to wish you a blessed Advent.:)

  2. Though my kids don't have special needs I try to remember this when they are 'trying' to deal with. I believe they were given to me for a purpose, hopefully not the purpose of driving me crazy ; )

  3. Yes! It's amazing how much life is so much better when we change our perspective and realise how much God blesses us.

  4. Elizabeth!

    Thank you for stopping by and wishing me blessings for the Advent! Same goes to you my beautiful friend! Thank you for posting this today, it truly will touch the lives of everyone who stops by and reads the wisdom found in your precious words!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. This is a beautiful comparison of your children and God...


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