Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Evening Conversation with Murjan, The Cat Who Thinks He Is Human

Murjan, about whom I have blogged before, truly does think he is either a dog, or more likely, human. I have mentioned how he loves to have his belly rubbed and lies down on the floor as soon as I walk in the door, proffering his belly to a ready hand. I have also mentioned how he follows me from place to place, lying at my feet as I go about my work. Then there is the little yip whenever he wants some attention from me, especially treats.

There is another trait of Murjan's, however, that makes him seem part human. As can be seen in the picture above, he is quite good at lounging on the couch, sitting propped up against the arm in much the same way I have seen Donnie sitting. The more compelling evidence, however, are his midnight chats and snuggles with me. Since pictures are worth a hundred words, here are the pictures, without commentary, that Donnie snapped one night recently (please overlook my unkempt look; I was not planning to model).


  1. Aww your cat is awesome . Have a great time in Asia !

  2. Thanks, Jackie. He is a wonderful companion.

  3. Awww... what a pretty (and cool!) cat!

  4. Awwww, what a coincidence, my cats think they are human too and no one will tell them otherwise. How precious. Lori

  5. Thanks, Erin. I think he is pretty and cool, too. It was a long trip to bring him home from Jordan, but it was worth it. (Murjan, by the way, means coral in Arabic, and Murjan, the cat, is the color of the coral in the Red Sea.)

    Thanks, Lori. It's fun to have human cats, isn't it? (My other two cats are real cats; they own the place and allow us to live with them.)


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