Saturday, June 19, 2010

Road Trip: The End

Early last Monday morning, awakening not too late considering the pizza birthday party the evening before, we all tumbled out of bed, prepared to ready ourselves to hit the road. While Donnie took Lizzie to the airport so that she could head back to South Carolina, Doah, Noelle, and I packed up and checked out of the hotel. There we were in the lobby, suitcases all lined up and ready for stuffing into the van when he returned.

Since there were no real deadlines to meet on the return other than for me to be at work on Thursday morning, we moved fairly easily and comfortably from state to state -- and we did go through a lot of them, Oklahoma being one of them. We had decided for reasons of finance and time not to stop overnight but for Donnie and me to take turns driving, stopping only to gas up and eat -- and perhaps an occasional sight. As a result, we had a number of "roadside meals," with some of our seating arrangements giving literal meaning to that expression.

All was fine until we reached the Mohave Desert. We stopped briefly for lunch. As we enjoyed our meal, we looked across the way at two workers. What were they doing? They were mowing that desert! Donnie said that gives literal meaning to purgatory!

It was then that the phone rang. It was my boss, asking where I was. "In the Mohave Desert." Where else would I be?

"I need you on a plane tonight to Washington. You have a meeting there tomorrow."

Oh, really? Donnie allowed as to how we could "hurry home" if my boss was willing to pay the speeding fines. However, we were able to work out a slightly different plan, one that had Donnie dropping me at home first, then taking Noelle and Doah to their homes.

All's well that ends well, as the story line goes. I made it back just in time to catch a redeye plane to Washington. (It helped that I did not have to pass since I would catch a return redeye the next day.) The kids got distributed. The van got returned on time. And Donnie got some sleep -- the next day. Ah, life continues as usual...


  1. Hi~Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really enjoyed reading some of your posts...especially your conversion story. Amazing. God has such a way of working through and in others. Thank you for sharing.

  2. WOW, a world win trip! Isn't it crazy what we have to do for work! I have plenty of room for the pets but the funny thing is, we really only need one room because they all hang out together! LOL

  3. Welcome, Ginger. Yes, indeed, God can be pretty amazing.

    Deborah, thanks for the explanation -- I was beginning to think you were the pet, and the cats and dogs must be the masters! And yes, it would have been a much easier trip without the airplane-hopping ending.

  4. What a crazy ending to the trip! I'm glad the first part was at least relaxing!

  5. That's funny, "Where are you?" The Mojave Dessert!!

    Glad you made it back in time!!

  6. I do love a good road trip!

    Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a delightful spot to slip off my shoes and drench myself in God's goodness.


  7. I used to live at about 7:00 on that star on your Oklahoma sign. Much further south now, but it's a beautiful state.


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