Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Memories Redux

I posted the pictures below on the Blest Atheist blog earlier this morning, hence the "redux". Folks there seemed to like them, so decided that those who follow The Clan of Mahlou might also enjoy them, especially since they include Clan pictures. (Sorry for the duplication for those who follow both blogs; I generally segregate subject matter.)

(1) Photos around our mission church --

the garden path behind the church:

the church archway, including (a) one of the inhabitants, a mourning dove; (b) looking north, with Doah; (c) looking south:

views of the historic part of town from the church archway:

the church cemetery:

scenes from the front of the church:

(2) Sula, our parish cat --

in the church garden:

entering the old monastery:

inside the old monastery:

asleep on a parishioner's coat during the Eucharist (every parishioner with a coat is considered a friend by Sula):

(3) Our town's aristocracy:

(4) Donnie, Doah, Noelle, and I spent the afternoon at play, pigging out at Easter brunch at Hometown Buffet in nearby Salts:

(5) Meanwhile, our lazy little Mahlous (Intrepid, Murjan, and Simone) spent the afternoon at rest:

Hoping you had as delightful an Easter as we did!


  1. Pretty cats! I'm glad you had a wonderful Easter!

  2. We, too, think the cats are pretty. Even better, they are mostly well behaved and affectionate.


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