Sunday, March 21, 2010

God Loves Shane (and Me)

I have been chronicling on this blog the things that have happened to Shane since he unexpectedly lost his job and the hidden blessings that came from it. As he is now about to start his new job at a lower salary than his two previous jobs, he has managed to cut his expenses to the level needed to match income to outgo, but with nothing left over for emergencies or anything beyond routine bills. I therefore impetuously promised him to send him an additional $100 per week. Where I would get that money, I did not know when I made the promise, but God always helps me when it is important. One reason that I have limited funds at the moment is that I over-promised support to St. Francis Retreat and have had to rely on God to help me fulfill that pledge on a regular basis, and God always has.

This week, as I was working on the already-stretched-to-bursting budget, I received a letter from the personnel office at work. I had been given a $98 a week bonus, starting the same week that Shane begins his new job. Eureka! Helped again! Finding the other $2 should be a cinch!

I have no idea why God takes such good care of my family, but I do always remember to say thank you -- thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! :)


  1. Yes thank God he helped you. It is so cool how God helps each and everyone of us. I myself was helped by Him today and landed a new job, after a two month "vacation". :) Praise the Lord!!!

  2. God is in control.. always... I love that!

    Love to you

  3. When our prayer is pure and given to Him with the knowledge that He always and ever hears us, always and ever with us..we can rely on the answer to our prayer that is right for us and in His plan.

  4. That's an amazingly wonderful miracle! God love to give to those who give!! You are very special...that's obvious!! Love, Janine XO


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