Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome Home?

I arrived home at 4:00 this morning, and within minutes I learned of two pending, not-the-most-pleasant events, neither of which was totally unexpected, yet neither was fully expected, either.

This morning Lizzie informed me that she and Blaine have decided to divorce. She said that they were much better friends and siblings than spouses. At least, that made sense and was not the shock we received when seven years ago they decided to get married. Raised as siblings but with no blood relationship, they grew very close and thought that the love they had for each other was something beyond that of two very close siblings. Now, they have decided otherwise. As we told Blaine, "seven years ago, you were a son who became a son-in-law; now you are a son-in-law about to become a son again." Life sure takes some strange turns, but we all believe that this is the right thing for Blaine and Lizzie. God willing, they will find marital happiness in the future with the right person for each of them.

Then, this afternoon, Noelle informed me that she had experienced a rather odd thing yesterday. She was supposed to be admitted to the hospital yesterday for foot surgery. The doctors are still trying alternatives to amputation to handle her rather serious bone infection that she has been trying to overcome for a couple of months now. The hospital called her with the date of admission. (I had not known about this because she is not on email and could not inform me while I was in Lithuania although Donnie should although he was quite busy yesterday helping Shane with his unemployment needs and interim insurance until COBRA is approved -- it turns out that nearly any option will insure Nathaniel and the parents but will exclude Nikolina, who is the one who most needs it.) However, when Noelle showed up yesterday to the Admissions office, no one had her listed anywhere. She said she thought she had been living in Salts, not in the Twilight Zone, but now she is not so sure. At any rate, she has an appointment with the doctor tomorrow, so hopefully there will be some clarification. For the moment, she seems to be in no danger.

Well, at least, the cats had no problems, had not changed, and were happy to see me. Murjan has not left my side during the entire evening. And I did have a wonderful interlude: I was able to get some time off from work to attend noon Mass. It's the quiet interludes that make the noisy overtures manageable.

When I came out of the chapel, the sun was shining gloriously. It is good to be home, regardless of the complications that often surround us.

Ah, well, these situations will work themselves out positively somehow sometime. Waiting is what is needed. I certainly get a lot of lessons about waiting (and am still not very good at it).


  1. Hi Elizabeth, I enjoy catching up with your blog when I have time to read it all. You have done so much to help children/people --and I admire that about you.

    What were you doing in Lithuania? Glad you didn't come to Tennessee... Our weather has been pretty yuky for the past week or so.. We are getting a cold rain today --but more snow may be on the way. Who knows!!!

    Hope everything works out for Noelle's surgery.. Keep us posted.

  2. Hawaii is the incentive trip AdvoCare announced at Success School a few weeks ago. And I am working to get there!

  3. Hi Betsy, I was teaching undergrads a required linguistics course at Lithuania International University in Klaipeda -- volunteered because they did not have a linguistics professor there this year and the English department chair is a friend of mine. (Your pictures definitely reminded me of those recent days in snow country.)

    Chelle, in that case, I hope you get it, especially if you have never been to Hawaii.

  4. "At least the cats had no problems". Would this be called a good day at your house?
    Just teasing ;) I'm used to hearing odd things on your sites. Even about poor Er-Er, though I am sure he felt blessed to have two wives [lol].

  5. Mary, somehow I almost missed this comment. I am glad I caught it. It made me laugh.


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